TIMfoundation Training Session

The Innovation Maturity Model Partner Training Session is a program of 2.5 days of training, where partner trainees master the principles of the Innovation Maturity Model, and their application. They master essential knowledge on how to perform assessments or audits, conduct trainings, and learn how to set up or improve innovation capability at organizations. In case you are interested in joining one of our TIMfoundation training sessions, get in touch here.

How will attending these sessions help me and my organization?

The Product Innovation Maturity Model is a first-class tool to generate new business for auditing and consulting businesses. Why? Essentially because most organizations still have a long path to go when it comes to becoming truly innovative. That becomes very apparent if you compare their performance against the Maturity Model. Where there is room for improvement, there is opportunity for new business. Participants, for themselves as professionals, also get a firm, masterly grasp on the Maturity Model’s core toolset, and will acquire a harnessed philosophy on how to truly innovate in a lasting way.