TIMfoundation Services

TIMfoundation provides direct assistance and advisory services to Governments at all levels. Timfoundation services include associated agencies and corporations in the following areas:

  • R&D and innovation policy development
  • R&D and innovation subsidies and incentive program development and reform
  • Adoption and nationalization of the TIM Innovation Management Standard
  • Procurement, Supply Chain Innovation
  • Structured Internal and Open Innovation
  • Innovation pilot projects
  • Innovation Studies, Surveys and Reports

Innovation Capability Development

Achieve effective and sustained innovation by developing an innovation capability. Following the TIM Innovation Management Standard and supporting publications, TIM Certified Partners can assist you in your innovation capability development through the following services:

  • Innovation Capability and Maturity Assessments and Gap Assessment Reports
  • Development of your unique Innovation Management System (IMS)
  • Employee Training and IMS Implementation Assistance
  • Assistance with various Innovation Types, Techniques and Tools (Business Model, Open Innovation, etc.)


TIM welcomes the opportunity to provide informed commentary on innovation in general and innovation management specifically. We have participated in developing articles for journals and business association publications, and providing advice and opinion in various other media formats (webinars, on-line forums, etc.).

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