Assessment Checklist TIM-PD-002

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This Assessment Checklist assesses organizations on their innovation capability, on a
trajectory towards innovation excellence.


The Assessment Checklist provides users of the Standards with a sample checklist that corresponds to the elements and clauses of TIM-PD-001 Innovation Management Standards. The Assessment Checklist is typically used to conduct an initial gap assessment of the organization’s compliance to the TIM-PD-001 Innovation Management Standard. It can also be used for conducting external assessments. Once an organization has developed their unique Innovation Management System, the Assessment Checklist would be modified to reflect the system they developed. Assessment results are summarized in the TIM-CO-012-MG Maturity Grid document. The maturity grid specifies and describes the overall levels of innovation maturity achieved for organizations that have gone through an assessment and are in the process of building their own Innovation Management System. It is used in conjunction with the Innovation Assessment Checklist above.

Assessment Checklist TIM-PD-002

Organizations that wish to deploy assessments will create their own toolset for doing so, or may use this standard toolkit available that helps them make assessments.

TIM-PD-002-A-Assessment Checklist Introduction