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Basic Interpretation Guideline TIM-PD-003-GL1

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This publication is a guideline that provides users of the TIM-PD-STD-001 Innovation Management Standard a generic methodology on how to adopt the Standard within their organization. The document corresponds to the elements of TIM-PD-STD-001 Innovation Management Standard.

Innovation Management Standard TIM-PD-001-STD

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This standard describes precisely what it takes for an organization to be truly innovative, to make those changes big and small. It helps organizations get better at creating new and different services, products and processes and thereby stay relevant. Saving time, cost, and effort. Get smarter and better innovating capability improvement.

Innovation Management Standards Set

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The core set of standards and guidelines includes:

  • TIM-PD-001-STD Innovation Management Standard
  • TIM-PD-002-A Standard Assessment Checklist
  • TIM-PD-003-GL Standard Interpretation Guideline
  • TIM-PD-003-GL1 Basic Implementation Guideline
  • TIM-PD-004-R Innovation Definitions
  • TIM-PD-004-R1 Accreditation and Certification Program
  • TIM-PD-004-R2 Innovation Metrics

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Innovation Metrics TIM-PD-004-R2

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This reference publication provides users of the TIM-PD-STD-001 Innovation Management Standard sample measurements and metrics. The measurements and metrics would be defined in the organization’s Innovation Management System for monitoring and measuring the organization’s innovation capability along with innovation activities associated with the system and projects.

Interpretation Guideline TIM-PD-003-GL

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This publication is a guideline that provides users of the TIM-PD-STD-001 Innovation Management Standard an interpretation of the requirements of the Standard. The guideline corresponds to the elements and clauses of TIM-PD-STD-001 Innovation Management Standard.

TIM Innovation guidebook One


What is Innovation?

Prior to attempting to adopt innovation management as a practice within an organization, innovation as a concept must first be understood fully, since this term can mean very different things for different people.

This TIM Foundation Guidebook provides universal facts, truths and un-truths about innovation in general and as a practice within an organization. It attempts to straighten out blatant misconceptions and myths.

We hope you enjoy it with as much pleasure and satisfaction, as we had writing it.

Gert Staal and David Williams

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TIM Innovation guidebook three front

TIM Innovation Guidebook Three Corporate Venturing

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Many organizations struggle with a similar theme: while being successful with the business they conduct today, how should they get organized for doing things tomorrow? How, in a sea of operational excellence, can you manage something radical? Large corporations have created venture programs to create opportunities for nursing small startup companies alongside large business units. This document describes how this can be done, what the options are, in short it addresses the conscious choices that need to be made, most of them up-front.

We hope you enjoy reading this, feel free to also have a look at our innovation management standard here.

TIM Innovation Guidebook Two

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Free sustainable innovation management guidebook now published!

Without innovation no real sustainability, without sustainability, no real innovation. The two themes are connected. The TIM Foundation (CoE for the PDMA’s Innovation Management Maturity Model) and the Cooperative ARC have published a free ebook on sustainable innovation management. It is titled TIM Foundation Guidebook Two: Sustainable Innovation Management. All you need to do is register and you can download your free copy here.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. We are inviting qualified co-authors to help build the next release of this guidebook. Send us an email directly through if you are interested.

We hope you enjoy reading this!