The TIM Foundation’s INNOVATION LITE™ approach to innovation management is now officially launched. This is an easy-to-implement method where innovation management is actually made easy to implement for the first time. What differentiates this method from everything else, is that INNOVATION LITE™ is rooted in the international Innovation Management Standard, for people who are ready to move their competences beyond the first stages. Becoming better then means your earlier efforts are not in vain, and you can grow your capabilities based on the same principles.

INNOVATION LITE™ is an entry level approach to implementing innovation management with simple instructions and using your own templates. Now organizations can implement innovation management without much hassle, even with limited resources, and in a relatively short time frame.

The program includes an easy-to-follow INNOVATION LITE™ Handbook which provides hands-on instructions and over 30 sample templates for adaptation and implementation in your work environment. Registered users can download current versions of all templates upon application.

INNOVATION LITE™ training and support is supplied by TIM Foundation’s Licensed Partners. Visit our website to learn more and get the Handbook.

Gert Staal (EMEA/AsiaPac) |

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