Innovation Maturity Model

The Innovation Maturity Model is a collection of standards. innovation guidelines, reference documents and tools to build innovation capability. With it you build your own custom innovation management system and improve your existing innovation management practices.

We strive to end the fuzziness of terminology, metrics and descriptions of toolsets on innovation management. Adopting universally shared terminology and toolsets resolves the following issues:

  • Management standards make assessment of capacity, skills and knowledge easy
  • They can resolve inefficiencies and ineffective processes, eases personal career and daily work frustration for innovation professionals
  • They make building processes and methods easy and prevent mistakes

Competitive distinction is in superior deployment and execution of processes, toolsets and methods, simple adoption is not enough.

Scope of the Innovation Maturity Model

The Innovation Maturity Model and its standards and guidelines are applicable to all types of organizations, and in all countries of the world. It encompasses all stages of development. Organizations that implement the maturity model can be commercial (both private and publicly listed companies), as well as not-for-profit, or even a public service or sports organizations, because innovation management is at work everywhere. The  Innovation Maturity Model manages the inception and creation of new processes, products and services from start to finish and even extends beyond launch and deployment into the products’ and services’ life cycle management.

Table of Innovation Maturity Levels

Innovation Maturity Levels