The Total Innovation Management Foundation is a not-for-profit organization devoted entirely to the development and maintenance of the innovation maturity model and the management standards & guidelines. Its main purpose is to develop and maintain the documentation and toolset in conjunction with PDMA’s Standards Committee, to train consultants, assessors and educators, and to accredit and license partners for authorize use of the maturity model, typically through certification authorities.

Who do we work for?

The Innovation Maturity Model is used by the following groups:

  • Executives and Managers in organizations who want to have guidance when implementing or improving innovation management processes.
  • Certification Institutes and companies can use the Innovation Maturity Model, to do a light or thorough assessment of an organization’s innovation capability/maturity
  • Industry/branch or public service professionals’ associations can choose to adopt our Innovation Maturity Model and if necessary verticalize it for their respective audiences.
  • Consulting companies can work with the TIM Foundation as Accredited Consulting Partner, implementing our Maturity Model, the standards and guidelines and work methodically with the toolset, using their own intellectual property.

Who we are

Total Innovation Management (TIM) is a not-for-profit foundation, based in Canada and the Netherlands. TIM Foundation operates the Innovation Maturity Model, standards and guidelines for and on behalf of the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA),

PDMA Standards Committee

The PDMA has established a Standards Committee that gathers regularly and discusses and votes on new versions of the Core Document Set (Public Documents), additional Reference Documents and Guidelines as they are made available, and oversees the implementation of auxiliary files and documents for partners of PDMA and TIM Foundation: training documentation, score models, presentations, compliance documents, operational documents, etc.

Steve Uban, (chair).

Independent consultant, co-editor of the PDMA Handbook, PDMA Board member.

Allan Anderson.

Professor of Product Development, Massey University, NZ and PDMA Board member.

Meredith Baratz.

Vice President Strategic Insight and Innovation, UnitedHealth Group, and PDMA Board member.

Peter Bradford.

Product Management Profession Lead, IBM, and President of PDMA.

Charles Henry Noble.

Proffitt’s Professor of Marketing, UTK, and PDMA Vice Chair.

John Schmidt.

Innovation Executive, Northrop Grumman Electronics Division.

Director, Business Development North America

Background and focus is in business development networking and collaboration. Have expertise in management systems, government grants, R&D tax credits and innovation.

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Thought leader on innovation management and new product development. Particularly strategic marketing, new business models, and transitions. Experience with Internet business, digital publishing, open innovation, and software development. One of two co-authors of the first international innovation management standard.

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Management systems design, development, implementation and auditing to international standards. Development of business R&D processes, project management and commercialization. Have experience in most business sectors and various levels of government. One of the co-authors of the first international innovation management standard.

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