Today, organizations are challenged to innovate better, faster, cheaper. Many professionals do not know where to start. Some have implemented toolsets that are incomplete (e.g. just a decision-making model or project management). Some have adopted other’s toolsets or management book models, which are ineffective for a variety of reasons. The necessity for a more thorough approach is felt by many.

There is a new international Innovation maturity model. This is a collection of standards and guidelines, reference documents and tools to build innovation capability. With it you build your own custom innovation management system, improve your existing innovation management practices. Also use it to train your employees, value an organization’s innovation capability and its innovation project portfolio, or help assign innovation subsidies, grants or tax breaks to the best recipients.

Read More about the Innovation Maturity model here.

Why is this innovation maturity model unique?

It is the first truly international publicly available maturity model of its kind, and offers an integrated, coherent view on how organizations, of any kind (profit, non-profit, public) can become and stay innovative. It is built on a standard which is universal, meaning any organization can adopt it, for-profit, not-for-profit, or public service.

TIM News Brief 6

Release of a new sustainability guideline, a support document to PDMA’s and TIM Foundation’s core Innovation Management Maturity Model, Standard and Guidelines.

News Brief 6

TIM News Brief 7

The new Supply Chain Innovation Guideline.

News Brief 7


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INNOVATION LITE™ is an entry-level approach to implementing innovation management. Developed by the TIM Foundation, the program is aligned with the TIM Foundation’s Innovation Management Standard which is adopted by the Product Development and Management Association. This toolset provides simple but very thorough innovation management measures any organization can take to get started. The INNOVATION LITE ™ approach allows organizations to implement systematic innovation management at a low threshold, with limited resources, and in a relatively short time frame.

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