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TIM-PD-004-R6 Reference Document on Planning

This is a companion document to the main TIM Innovation Management Maturity Model, specifically the Innovation Management Standard (TIM-PD-001-STD), the Interpretation Guideline (TIM-PD-003-GL) and supporting documentation. This document provides additional information on how to conduct planning activities. It has a companion Document called TIM-PD-004-R7 Reference Document on Planning Templates which contains templates for all mentioned planning documents. For registered users, these are also available digitally upon request.

A relatively young student class of NPD and Industrial Design students at Delft University a co-author of the Maturity Model taught during a guest lecture in 2007 was shocked when they learned, that many plans actually never get executed. And if they do get executed, that it is still very common that they are not executed according to the original plan, in time and within budget, or for their direction to change mid-course. Then what is the point of writing elaborate plans anyway? The subject of this reference document is to provide further guidance on planning as an activity overarching the phases of Discovery, Development and Deployment.

Many organizations struggle severely when it comes to adequate planning and subsequent execution of innovation activities because of the asynchronicity of planning and execution. Not only are many plans simply defective and incomplete, it is also quite common that planned initiatives are not executed according to plan, or that outcomes are acted upon. This reference document attempts to throw some light on which mechanisms are seen at work when planning, and how the perceived ‘gap’ between planning and execution can be bridged successfully.