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INNOVATION LITE™ is an entry-level approach to implementing innovation management. Developed by the TIM Foundation, the program is aligned with the TIM Foundation’s Innovation Management Standard which is adopted by the Product Development and Management Association. This toolset provides simple but very thorough innovation management measures any organization can take to get started. The INNOVATION LITE ™ approach allows organizations to implement systematic innovation management at a low threshold, with limited resources, and in a relatively short time frame.

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The easy to follow INNOVATION LITE ™

Handbook provides hands-on instructions for implementing INNOVATION LITE tactics in your own organization. The handbook is also a valuable reference publication with direct links to the TIM Foundation’s entire body of knowledge (the TIM Foundation standards core set, additional publications and toolset), and contains sample templates for use.



INNOVATION LITE ™ covers the 3 phases of the innovation cycle, Front-End (Discovery), Middle (Development) and Back-End (Deployment). In addition the 6 elements of innovation management (Culture, Leadership, Resources, Processes, Monitoring & Measuring and Improvement) are reviewed as to their relationship to innovation.

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